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Discover our latest data sheets with detailed technical information on each of our hard drive degaussing and destruction products. You’ll find in this section a detailed list of technical manuals which cover areas from regulatory compliance through to types of media that can be erased, hard drive & magnetic media formats, current rating, data security standards, gauss force, certification and much more. 

To download a data sheet, right click on the hyperlink(s) below and click ‘save as’, and select where you want the file to download depending on whether you are using a PC or Mac. Technical manuals are in .PDF format.

If you have any questions about the technical information provided below on our products, contact us on [email protected] and an advisor will be able to provide you with further information. 

Technical manuals 

  • DataGauss Max (10,000 gauss field, erases 240 HDDs per hour)
  • DataGauss LG Max (Includes the Data Destruction Auditor) 
  • DataGone LG Plus (13,000 gauss field, erases 300 HDDs per hour)
  • DataGone (10,000 gauss field, erases 200 HDDs per hour)
  • DataGauss XL (9,000 gauss field, large chamber degaussing, erases 70 HDDs per hour)
  • DataGauss XL-LG (Includes the Data Destruction Auditor)
  • Crunch 250 (NSA and CSS Listed SSD and HDD hard drive destroyer)
  • M.2 SSD Adapter (Optional adapter to be used with Crunch 250 to destroy M.2 SSD's)
  • SV91M (Nato approved, high security degaussing)
  • SDD Master (NSA & CSS listed, highest security degaussing, 20,000 gauss field)
  • V91 MAX (Manually operated degausser)
  • V660 HDD EVO (Infra-red remote capability)
  • V94 (Manual degausser, VHS, tape degaussing) 
  • V92 (High energy degausser for tapes, magnetic media) 
  • V91 DLT/LTO (Low volume tape degausser) 
  • V100 (High volume degausser with conveyor belt) 
  • V880 (Automatic, high volume degaussing with conveyor belt for tapes and cartridges)
  • Verity Systems DD Imager (Works with DDA software to capture before and after images the erasure process)

Explore our manual and automatic degausser products as well as our industry leading NSA approved hard drive destroyer for further information. You can also explore our resources section to discover more about data security and Verity Systems. 

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