About VS Security Products

VS Security Products has its roots in the defence and security industry. We design, manufacture and sell the most extensive range of degaussers and data destroyers on the market, suitable for all types of magnetic media, making us the market leader in data destruction.

Our engineers have over 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing degaussers, previously under the Verity brand. Applications range from security erasure of hard drives and backup tapes, the erasing of broadcast audio and video tapes for recycling purposes, to the physical destruction of hard disk and solid state drives

Customers worldwide are supported by our global distributor network to ensure that the high standard of customer service we demand is achieved.


Our Customers

Defense Organizations

Confidential and top secret information can be erased.

Financial Services

Confidential client data is securely erased before the disposal of IT equipment.

Computer Departments

Allows re-use of back-up tapes and safe disposal of information from PC hard drives.


Erase sensitive information held on magnetic media, such as patient records no longer required.

Radio/Television Broadcasters

Enables expensive tapes to be re-used.


Allows student records that are no longer needed to be erased.

Data Storage Companies

Data no longer required can be easily and efficiently erased.

Emergency Services

Allows re-use of tapes used in voice logging systems.

Our Products

Built to the highest specification that meet the latest ICNIRP Magnetic Exposure Guidelines, all of our products are manufactured and quality controlled at our factory in the UK. We also manufacture degaussers with the maximum level of security achievable which are government certified in the United States by NSA, in the UK by the National Cyber Security Centre (Formally CESG) and in Europe by NATO.

Product innovation lies at the heart of VS security Products and we continually strive to develop new data erasure technologies that meet the expectation of both today’s and tomorrow’s data elimination needs. VS Security Products developed the Rotating Coil Technique and Pulse Technology methods of data erasure, which are used throughout our range of state-of-the-art degaussers.

We’re so confident in the technologies that we have developed and the performance of our products that we offer the most generous product warranties in the industry, not to mention our lifetime technical support promise.

VS Security Products Lifetime Technical Support

We're so confident on our design and build quality that every VS Security Product comes with Lifetime Support

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