Degausser Health & Safety

Our customer's health and safety is always our number one concern.
If you have any questions regarding health and safety, please feel free to contact us as; [email protected] or call us on; 530-626-6924 in the US, or +44 (0) 1252 333577 in the UK. Or visit our website - and click on Service and Support. 

Degaussing Magnetic Fields

There is no evidence suggesting adverse health effects due to exposure to magnetic fields.
The World Health Organization concluded that current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences associated with such exposure.

In addition, the engineers at VS Security Products go to great lengths to ensure the magnetic fields used to degauss the Hard Drives or Tapes are concentrated inside the machine to maximize the erasure performance and to keep external fields to an absolute minimum.

Operator Safety

VS Security Products strives to ensure that there is minimal operator intervention in the degauss process to reduce exposure to any magnetic fields - no matter how small.

With our range of automatic and semi-automatic degausser models, like the DataGauss, DataGone and SDD Master, the operator loads the media into the degausser and the magnetic field is no activated until the operator's hands are away from the degaussing zone.

Heart Pacemakers and other implants

It is generally recognized that low levels of magnetic field may affect the operation of a heart pacemaker, so VS Security Products recommend that to avoid accidental contact with the magnetic field, persons fitted with heart pacemakers should not be allowed within 3 feet (one metre) of a degausser while it is in operation. For additional safety, users with any kind of medical implant should consult with a doctor before operating any degausser.


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