Data legislation and its impact around the world


Over the past several years, there has been considerable debate on the issue of personal data and data security as a whole. Each day, billions of people around the world exchange information through the internet, and often share personal details such as their address, date of birth and social security number via forms, emails, website portals and more. 

Since 2018, data laws have become more prominent following the passing of the European Union’s GDPR law. After GDPR became law in the EU’s 28 member countries, businesses around the world were suddenly directly responsible for the safety and security of information passing through the millions of computers across the 28 countries each day. The impact of GDPR has been felt across the world, and since, other countries including India, Israel, China and the U.S. have been working to update their laws to reflect this new reality. 

Today, data is valuable and personal data needs to be treated carefully by businesses as well as educational institutions, governments and organizations of all sizes. In this section you will discover more detail on these new laws, what their impact is and how new regulations are changing the way businesses operate - and what technology is being used to protect and erase personal data such as degaussing and hard drive destruction.

Businesses are also implementing data protection policies and hiring data protection officers to help audit and comply with laws around the world. FInd out more about these new roles in the corporate world by exploring the articles within this section.

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