Only a hard drive degausser will ensure that your confidential data is erased with complete certainty. Our degaussing machines are fast, safe and adaptable and come brand new for use in a range of scenarios from business to government. Manual Hard Drive Degausser and Automatic Degaussers Brand New for all purposes. Your choice of data destruction and hard drive destroyers.

Manual Hard Drive & Backup Tape Degausser Series

Cost effective degaussers for low volumes of hard drives & back-up tapes

Our flatbed, manually operated hard drive degaussers deliver powerful yet economical erasure of hard drives, back-up tapes and other magnetic media - perfect for operators seeking to erase low volumes quickly and securely.

Automatic Hard Drive & Backup Tape Degausser Series

Automatic degaussers for the erasure of medium - high volumes of hard drives. The solution to wipe disk drives.

Our most popular range, these state-of-the-art, brand new pulse discharge degaussers deliver easy to operate, automatic erasure of all types of hard drives and an array of back-up tapes and other magnetic tape. The solution to wide disk drives. Our range of automatic degaussers are also available with our unique Data Destruction Auditor, enabling the operator to document and record their data erasure and create audit ready reports. The ultimate in Hard Drive Destruction.

NSA & NATO Hard Drive & Backup Tape Degausser Series

Government security approved Hard Drive and Back-up Tape Degaussers

Need a degausser with NSA or NATO approval? Our line of Government certified Degaussers provides you with the maximum security response needed. We offer solutions to fit any budget: from the most highly-rated NSA-approved degausser on the market to the more cost effective manual solution with NSA and NATO Approval.

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VS Security Products is proud to provide government approved solutions

Government Approved Solutions