Today we have officially unveiled our DD Imager solution, the latest new addition to our suite of data destruction tools that enables businesses to catalog and securely erase their data. 

Integrating seamlessly with our Data Destruction Auditor software, the new DD Imager provides operators the option to catalog their hard drive destruction efforts using an image capture device. This integration works with a selection of our hard drive destruction units including the DataGauss LG Max and DataGone LG Plus.

Along with our barcode scanner and label printer, operators can fully scan and document each hard drive that is processed for destruction. This new integration enables businesses to catalog their destruction efforts from beginning to end during the cycle of data removal.

With businesses increasingly looking for a way to audit their data destruction efforts, the new DD Imager works with the latest version of Verity Systems’ Data Destruction Auditor which can be downloaded here.

For low and high volume operators, data destruction certificates can also be produced through the label printer which connects via the software to print completed reports. It is also possible to export CSV files with all the details filled out of each hard disk successfully processed and erased via the Data Destruction Auditor dashboard.

To learn more about the DD Imager, see our demo video here to learn how to use our new product. If you have previously ordered a data degausser or destroyer from Verity Systems, you can get in contact with us to get the latest DD Imager, barcode scanner and printer label for your device. 

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