Storing sensitive data which contains industrial secrets, records on key national infrastructure and potentially the nuclear codes poses a great security challenge for companies and government agencies that want to use cloud infrastructure. 

In essence, the safe storage and disposal of information pertaining to national security requires the highest level of scrutiny and system infrastructure. This also includes the way in which cloud systems such as servers are maintained, upgraded and disposed of. Recent reports have highlighted the challenges facing the Pentagon’s new Jedi project, a cloud based system for military data - which would contain a large amount of highly sensitive data. 

With the use of hard drives to store electronic information in the cloud, it is important that agencies and security contractors are able to not only secure that infrastructure, but implement a proper disposal and removal process for data when hard drives, computers and key infrastructure get upgraded. 

Inevitably, hard drives have a track record of failing after several years and all data companies have to provide a certain level of redundancy to ensure that cloud systems continue to run. In the event where older hard drives are removed and replaced, this is where a high degree of risk remains. If sensitive data falls into the wrong hands, other nation states can gain access to that information, and at the potential cost of national security and the safety of military personnel and others in the field. 

Providing a safe way to erase data from hard drives is key to ensuring that older hard drives that are no longer in use or have developed faults are erased magnetically through degaussing, and then destroyed. This ensures that there can be no data recovery in the case that old hard drives get accessed during the disposal process. 

Explore our NSA, DoD and NATO approved hard drive degaussers for more information on how you can protect and erase the most critical data securely. All of our degaussers and hard drive destroyers come with a lifetime technical guarantee so that you can always have a dedicated engineer available to answer technical questions on degassing. Our degaussers can also be shipped with data auditing software so that operators can track the erasure of each hard disk and provide reports. 


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