Working with government departments, businesses and organizations in more than 20 countries, we understand how important it is for you to be able to securely erase your data with a high level of security and compliance. Whether you are looking to invest in a degausser for the first time or are seeking to upgrade your data security infrastructure, we provide a number of solutions and specialized degaussers to enable you to fully erase data from hard drives and tapes.

Our degaussers enable the total erasure of data, ensuring that you can securely remove sensitive information from all magnetic media before disposing of your hard drives and tapes. We offer DoD compliant, NSA and NATO certified units for organizations and also a secure data auditing solution that enables the operator to verify and report on each drive that is successfully degaussed and erased. This provides you with a powerful, and easy-to-use tool to create audit ready reports of data destruction - essential for full transparency and complying with data laws in many countries including the EU’s GDPR.

Our DoD compliant degaussers come with a 2-years full parts and labor factory warranty along with lifetime technical support - unparalleled in the degaussing market and exclusively on offer by VS Security Products. All our clients benefit from having an advisor on standby, enabling you to diagnose any issues with your units with the support of our expert technical team of engineers with 30+ years’ experience.

You can also choose to order our degaussers with a destroyer as a combo should you wish to crush your erased hard drives and recycle them securely once you have erased your data - a popular option for many of our clients that wish to fully dispose of their old systems in total security. We also provide bulk discounts if you wish to order several units for your organization and we will provide any technical documentation or certification upon request.

You can explore our NSA and NATO certified degaussers below for further information on each unit and their technical specifications.

NSA and NATO listed degaussers

SDD Master - Government approved degausser with NSA certification

SV91M - Government approved degausser with NATO certification

Hard Drive Destroyer

Crunch 250 - Fully destroy your hard drives after erasure

We also provide a range of state-of-the-art pulse discharge degaussers which you can see below in more detail:

Automatic degaussers

DataGauss, DataGauss XL degausser with Data Destruction Auditor

DataGone degausser for high volume erasing

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