Several IT companies are facing multi-state lawsuits following alleged poor practices that led to the breach of 3.9 million patient records, exposing personal information and medical records. 

The computer systems affected were inadequately protected according to the lawsuit which could end up costing several companies millions of dollars in damages. 

With costs of data breaches rising, and companies being held to account on issues around data security practices, it is becoming more important to protect and dispose of patient and public data effectively. While many companies and organizations are still updating their data practices to reflect the new laws and requirements, many have still yet to invest in adequate protections that would prevent data being accessed or misused. 

With over 100,000 companies operating in the medical sector in the U.S. alone, there are key concerns about how data is managed, and whether there are effective data protection policies in place. 

When it comes to complete security of data, degaussing can come into play and provide organizations with secure data destruction so that patient records and other information don’t get accessed or exposed. Particularly for older systems and upgrades, being able to properly erase old information securely, without the possibility of it being recovered or hacked in to, is essential.

In this case, 12 state attorneys are filing a comprehensive lawsuit that is seeking unspecified statutory damages and civil penalties.

To avoid the risk of a data breach or data theft, you can explore our hard drive degaussers and find out more about how you can safely dispose of data and protect your company. With software auditing tools you can also prove that data has been removed and destroyed successfully which come as standard with shipped hard drive degaussers we provide. A hard drive destroyer can also be used to crush old hard drives for recycling safely, and quickly. These types of units can be used by medical employees in an office environment with ease where audits can be made and sent to the organization’s data officer for compliance purposes. 

To find out more about our degausser range see our popular DataGauss, DataGone and SV91M degaussers on sale now. 


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