Businesses are grappling with more stringent data laws since GDPR came into effect last May. As data security becomes a top priority for lawmakers, businesses are under pressure to ensure personal data and records are protected. 

GDPR regulations require businesses to seek consent from their users before processing data. The way data is handled is also crucial, especially when it is transferred between countries. In some cases, countries outside the EU don’t have what’s called an ‘adequacy’ agreement, which increases risk for data transference, and therefore businesses have to possess strict data processing policies. 

Because data is becoming more valuable and important to consumers, it’s essential that businesses are implementing proper data handling procedures which includes the safe removal of records, and dated information. The risk in having this information compromised, leaked, or published to the web means that, in the process of data removal, companies need to ensure that they have a way to fully erase those records without the possibility of recovery. 

In order for a business to have certainty with data removal, it is recommended to use software erasure and degaussing in combination. The reason for this is that a business can not only prove that is has erased the physical data from the medium, but that it has also been magnetically wiped. 

Verity Systems provides a full solution for data erasure which enables companies to ensure they have total compliance with GDPR and can remove data safely from older systems including hard drives (HDD and SSD), as well as tapes. 

To discover more about our range of hard drive degaussers and destroyers, you can see some of our automatic hard drive degaussers to see how you can start protecting your business, and ensuring that you comply with data laws. 

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