Traditional data wiping methods often fall short, especially for highly sensitive data. On-site data destruction with degaussing and crushing offers a powerful solution for organizations needing to securely erase large quantities of hard drives.

Eliminating the risks of off-site transportation and chain-of-custody concerns, on-site data destruction offers faster turnaround times and allows you to witness the destruction process firsthand for greater peace of mind.

Degaussing machines use powerful electromagnetic fields to scramble data on hard drives, rendering it unrecoverable. The DataGone LG Plus, an industrial-grade degaussing machine, is fully automated, handles a high volume of drives, and provides verification reports.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) require a different approach. The Crunch 250, a heavy-duty crusher, pulverizes hard drives of all types, ensuring complete data destruction for both HDDs and SSDs.

Used together, the DataGone LG Plus and Crunch 250 offer a comprehensive solution for on-site data destruction. The LG Plus efficiently degausses HDDs, while the Crunch 250 ensures complete data erasure for all drives.

On-site data destruction with degaussing and crushing provides numerous advantages, including enhanced security, faster turnaround times, chain of custody control, and peace of mind.

On-site data destruction with degaussing and crushing is a powerful solution for organizations handling sensitive information and large volumes of hard drives. This ensures complete and irreversible data elimination, safeguarding sensitive information and complying with data security regulations.

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