Legacy systems, those dusty heroes of the IT world, can harbor a hidden threat – residual data on their hard drives. A data breach on these systems can expose sensitive information, like financial records or intellectual property. Degaussing offers a powerful solution.

Degaussing uses a strong magnetic field to scramble data on hard drives, making it unreadable. This in-house method is cost-effective and keeps control over data destruction. It strengthens security for outdated systems, minimizing the risk of cyberattacks even if a breach occurs. Degaussing simplifies decommissioning by allowing for secure disposal of hardware.

Example use case

A leading financial services provider faced the challenge of securely decommissioning a large number of legacy computer systems containing sensitive customer data. Regulations mandated complete data destruction. They explored various methods and opted for on-site degaussing due to its cost-effectiveness, enhanced security through in-house control, and streamlined decommissioning process. The degaussing solution successfully ensured complete data destruction for a significant number of systems, minimizing costs and strengthening data security compliance.

This example highlights degaussing as a secure and cost-effective method for organizations to securely decommission legacy systems containing sensitive data.

Degaussing is one piece of your cybersecurity puzzle. Back up critical data, maintain a system inventory, and educate employees on proper disposal practices. But don't stop there. Regularly assess your legacy systems for vulnerabilities and consider additional security measures like network segmentation to create an air gap between them and your active systems. By implementing a multi-layered approach, you can ensure your legacy systems remain secure fortresses against ever-evolving cyber threats.

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