Vietnamese citizens have more control over their personal information thanks to a recently enacted law, the Decree No. 13/2023/ND-CP on the Protection of Personal Data (PDPD). This landmark legislation marks the first comprehensive data protection law in the country and significantly impacts how businesses handle Vietnamese citizen data.

The PDPD establishes clear principles for data protection. Organizations must now be upfront about how they collect and use personal information. Vietnamese citizens have the right to know what data is being collected, for what purpose, and who it might be shared with. Additionally, the law mandates clear and unambiguous consent before any personal information is collected, giving citizens a say in how their data is used.

The PDPD outlines specific obligations for both data controllers (who determine data usage) and data processors (who handle the data). Both parties are now legally responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of personal information. This includes implementing measures to prevent unauthorized access, accidental loss, or data misuse.

The law also restricts how data can be transferred across Vietnamese borders, ensuring the strong data protection standards established by the PDPD are maintained even internationally. This is coupled with limitations on specific data processing activities, including the buying and selling of personal information, as well as how organizations can approach marketing and advertising practices that involve personal data.

The PDPD isn't an isolated effort. It complements existing Vietnamese legislation that contributes to a robust data privacy framework. Vietnam's commitment to data privacy extends beyond its borders, as the country is a party to international agreements like the APEC Privacy Framework and the ASEAN Framework on Personal Data Protection.

Businesses: Secure Data Destruction is Key

With the emphasis on data security within the PDPD, businesses that handle personal information in Vietnam should prioritize implementing robust data destruction solutions. This ensures that data is completely removed from devices when it's no longer required by law or for business purposes. Degaussers, which utilize powerful magnetic fields to erase data on traditional hard drives, are a reliable method for achieving complete data removal. SSDs can also be destroyed using a shredder or hard drive crusher.

Businesses can explore various data destruction options to ensure secure and compliant data lifecycle management, adhering to the PDPD's data security requirements. If you would like to learn more about how you can implement a compliant data destruction solution for your business in Vietnam, contact us: [email protected]


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