A new survey with 3500 IT managers across 26 countries has revealed that a majority of businesses have suffered a breach over the past year, while 96% of companies were concerned about cloud security as a whole.

Conducted by Vanson Bourne, companies expressed their concerns over a number of issues in the survey, particularly data leaks and cloud security vulnerabilities. More than 70% of IT managers admitted that some form of security breach had taken place within the last year and businesses suffered from malware attacks, cryptojacking and a variety of data breaches. 

With new data laws and regulations in place in the U.S. and around the world, businesses that are fully integrated into the cloud are struggling to maintain a secure, digital landscape for their employees as well as their clients. 

Several high profile cases in the past few months have led to record fines being imposed by regulators as breaches become a primary focus for data security and businesses that operate in an integrated digital environment. 

With the lack of comprehensive data security policies to protect personal information, companies are still at risk of suffering substantial lawsuits should user data fall into the wrong hands. This goes for companies that also fail to secure and fully erase personal records from older, legacy systems. 

In the new era of cybersecurity, integrated web infrastructure and cross-border legal requirements on data handling, it is more important now than ever to create a safe environment online, while also ensuring a proper data disposal process exists within a company.

Businesses looking to securely erase their data and dispose of hard drives and magnetic media can explore using professional hard drive degaussers and hard drive destroyers. Degaussers ensure that data is magnetically erased from the medium, ensuring that it can’t be recovered later. This is especially important for government agencies, law enforcement and hospitals that handle sensitive data. Hard drive destruction can also render a hard drive inoperable once it has been magnetically erased.

Is your business securely erasing its data?

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