A recent study by KPMG has highlighted how nearly half of CEOs are expecting their own organization to fall victim to a cyberattack. 

With a surge in data breaches and cyber attacks happening in 2018, and more data transactions taking place online, companies are increasingly vulnerable to new exploits in their current systems. The study also highlighted how 59% of companies said that hiring a Cyber Security Specialist was a top priority above other senior roles. 

Following a string of high profile data leaks in the past month, businesses are looking to upgrade and secure their IT systems, especially as more client data gets transferred between datacenters across continents. The EU’s new GDPR law has amplified the need for companies to create data protection policies and ensure that customer and employee data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. 

This puts an emphasis on IT departments to secure data as they modernize digital infrastructure. In the process of hard drive recycling, it is essential that companies use more stringent methods by using data degaussing. With hard drive degaussers, companies in 2018 have been able to mitigate the fallout of data being improperly disposed of. With degaussing, organizations have the ability to remove client and customer data permanently without the risk of being sued or facing future lawsuits if that data gets accessed by criminal organizations and hackers. 

The scale of the problem in cybersecurity is evident as companies from online retailers to banks are heavily reliant on cloud systems and infrastructure that connects sensitive user data to a transaction end point. Therefore, for payments made online, data has to be stored effectively and then removed at a later stage. If there is any breakdown in the process of how this information is handled and removed, then data such as credit card numbers, addresses and more can be captured by hackers. 

To find out more about degaussing, and hard drive erasing, explore the advantages and disadvantages of software vs a hard drive destruction in our in-depth analysis. 

If you are interested in degaussing technology and want to enquire about how a hard drive degausser can benefit your business, get in contact with us and one of our engineers will be able to recommend you a solution, depending on the size of your organization. 


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