A number of recent data breaches and newly imposed data regulations have made it increasingly important for businesses to secure their customer information, but many are still far behind in taking precautions or implementing processes.

In a recent study, it was revealed that 11% of Australian businesses had suffered security breaches in 2017-2018 and of those incidents, 37.7% suffered hardware or software corruption. More than 28% also experienced the loss of data, and others, theft of intellectual property. 

The study was carried out with 832,000 businesses revealing insights into how cybersecurity and data protection was being viewed in the IT landscape. 

With an increasing number of data breaches and the cost of new regulations like the European Union’s GDPR law, it has become essential for businesses around the world to protect their data as they may face lawsuits and other fines by government regulators for not implementing procedures to avoid data theft.

One of the ways in which businesses can protect themselves is to consider the use of data degaussers or hard drive destroyer machines that effectively remove sensitive data so that it can’t be recovered. This can be carried out during the process of upgrading to new systems or replacing older hardware. Hard drives that have failed can also pose a data security risk where companies may wish to dispose of them, but they still contain sensitive data.

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