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Regarding magnetic fields emitted by degaussers

Currently there are no widely published statutory regulations limiting the magnitude of magnetic fields in the work place. However, all VS Security Products degaussers are designed to fall within the recommended guidelines issued by the NRPB within a normal workplace environment.

The NRPB (National Radiological Protection Board) a public authority in the United Kingdom have issued a guidance document (NRPB GS11, 1989). Whilst these guidelines are not statutory, they do give a guide to those concerned with the possible effects of working in a continuous magnetic field. Broadly the guidelines recommend that the magnetic flux density for industrial workers should be 2.0 milli-tesla. This limit was reduced to 1.6 milli-tesla in the NRPB publication, 'Documents of the NRPB' Volume 4, No. 5. Further comments on the subject is contained within the NRPB document NRPB-R265 (ISBN 085951-366-1) in which a section specifically discusses degaussers and in the WHO (World Health Organisation) publication, 'Non-ionising Radiation Protection' (ISBN 928011165).

An EC draft pre-standard has also now been issued (prENV50166-1) for human exposure to electromagnetic fields from an electromagnetic degausser which also established a limit of 1.6 milli-tesla.

Degausser and Pacemakers

Although it is generally recognized that magnetic fields below 25,000 gauss will not affect or interrupt the operation of a heart pacemaker, VS Security Products recommend that to avoid accidental contact with the magnetic field, persons fitted with heart pacemakers should not be allowed within one metre of a degausser while operating.

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