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What is the best way to destroy a hard drive?

Burning, crushing, shooting??? We review some of the conventional and not so conventional methods in our quest to discover the best way to destroy a hard drive.

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Is it Possible to Securely Erase SSD Drives?

SSD drives are fast becoming the data storage of choice and just like other forms of storage, SSDs can only be written to a limited number of times. We examine whether it's possible to erase SSD drives securely or whether physical destruction is the only method to dispose of sensitive data on SSDs.

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Hard drive erasure - How to achieve it completely

Hard drive erase or hard drive wipe? For the uninitiated trying to get your head around what everyone is talking about reference the variety of ways to get rid of unwanted computer data can be a real “head” ache! Here are a couple of terms explained which might help you decide.

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Erase Hard Drives Remotely & Economically

To erase hard drives, it is imperative that a degausser with a minimum gauss force of 7000 is used. The V660 HDD EVO may be just the degausser to erase hard drives effectively and economically.

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Destroy a Hard Drive the Professional Way

Taking a hammer or a screw drive to an old hard drive might be one way to destroy a hard drive but it is perhaps not the most imaginative or pragmatic. What if you have dozens of obsolete hard drives to dispose of in your smart corporate offices or your secure laboratory setting?

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Self-Calibrating Degaussers – The LG Series

Calibration of a degausser is vitally important if confirmation of its performance is to be assured. The LG series of degaussers, available exclusively from VS Security Products, offers self-calibration which means they can deliver 100% assured erasure without costly regular calibration procedures.

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Hard Disk Drive Degaussers – Manual or Automated

Whether to choose as manually operated or a fully automated hard disk drive degausser will ultimately depend on the volume of drives you need to erase and your budget. This blog compares the features of both to help you select the right degausser for your requirements.

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Hard Drive Destruction Methods: Which Is Best For You?

Shred? Wipe? Crush? Degauss? What is the best method to set about hard drive destruction. Its imperative that data is erased effectively and securely but just which method is best for your needs?

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How do you destroy SSD?

This blog explores ways to destroy SSD - Solid State Drives. While the performance of Solid State Drives compares favourably with Hard Disk Drives, security-conscious users need to realise that destroying the data from SSD not quite so quick or easy.

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Destroy Drives Using a Hard Drive Crusher

There are a number of ways to destroy hard drives and hard disks including erasing, shredding and wiping, but for the purposes of this article we shall consider the use of a Hard Drive Crusher.

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