Hard Disk Degaussers - Manual or Automatic?

Should you choose a manual or automated degausser for your hard disk drive erasure?

When it comes to erasing data from a hard disk drive, degaussers have long been accepted as one of the most failsafe methods. Recommended by the US and UK governments prior to the disposal of hard disk drives, using a degausser will remove ALL data from the drive – even if the drive itself is faulty.

Whether to choose as manually operated or a fully automated hard disk drive degausser will ultimately depend on the volume of drives you need to erase and your budget.

Manual Hard Disk Drive Degaussers

Manually operated degaussers are generally flatbed models similar to the V91 Max and the V660 Evo and are perfect for operators seeking to erase low volumes of hard disk drives. Simple to use, manual degaussers require the operator to rotate and flip the hard disk drive on the top of the degausser itself whilst the magnetic field is applied. The whole process takes approximately 12 seconds. To view a video of this procedure, click here to see the V91 Max in operation.

As an alternative to the V91Max, VS Security Products offers an intermediary solution whereby the hard disk drive is placed onto the degausser by the operator, but the magnetic field itself is applied via remote control. To see the V660 Evo in action click here.

Manual degaussers like the V91Max and the V660 could be purchased from around $2,500 -$3000 and so can be a thorough yet cost effective solution for the security conscious user.

Automated Hard Disk Drive Degaussers

Automatic degaussers are used for the erasure of medium - high volumes of hard disk drives and include VS Security products models such as the DataGauss and DataGone ranges and the ultimate NSA approved SDD Master.

Once the operator places the hard disk drive into the degausser, the process is automated and the operator only needs to handle the hard disk drive again once it has been completely erased. Progress of the degaussing process and notification that the erasure is complete is provided on the LCD screen of these degausser. The entire process can take as little as 8 seconds depending on the degausser model chosen. Click here to see the DataGauss in action and here to see the DataGone.

With automated degaussers, up to 200 hard disk drives can be erased in one hour making these degaussers ideal for large corporations and organizations with high turnovers of IT equipment and data processing companies.

Automated degausser like the DataGauss and the DataGone can be purchased from around $3,000 -$8,000

For more information about which degausser would suit you best, visit our Degausser Comparison page here, or get in touch at [email protected]

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