Verity Systems Data Destruction Auditor Report Writer

Fool proof erasure/destruction verification and reporting

The Data Destruction Auditor is a revolutionary data sanitation system that provides the user with tangible evidence that a device has been securely erased and/or destroyed. Data Destruction Auditor enables the operator to document and verify their secure and certified data sanitation process and create audit-ready reports which can be used as evidence of the data destruction methods.

Data Destruction Auditor logs all essential information relating to the media’s sanitization, including details of the degausser/destroyer used; operator/user details; media serial numbers; date and time; degauss force applied and ultimately whether erasure/destruction was completed. The information logged can then be exported and reports created as evidence of the data destruction, providing an immediate audit trail.

This unparalleled solution is available exclusively across the Verity Systems security product range of state-of-the-art degaussers and destroyers. Including the DataGauss XL-LG & LG Max, the DataGone LG Plus Degausser, the SDD Master, the Crunch 250 HDD/SSD Destroyer, and the MediaGone 500 Shredder.

Key features:

Tangible evidence of media erasure and/or data sanitization

Create full, audit ready reports

Available with DataGauss, DataGone, SDD Master degaussers & Crunch 250 Destroyer

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