What is SSD Secure Erase?


As SSDs or Solid State Drives are becoming the more common choice for data storage due to the increased demand for faster and smaller technology there is an increased awareness for how these drives need to be securely erased for data protection issues.

SSDs, like many other data storage devices, have a double edged sword. Whilst they are a great way to store a huge amount of data it can be extremely difficult to ensure that all the data has been erased securely. However, there are many products that can carry out this procedure, a popular VS Security method is the Crunch 250 which can bend an SSD drive in 9 seconds flat. But why, when the time comes should we look into an SSD secure erase?

Here are some the top reasons:

  • Total data sanitisation. SSD drives can be rendered utterly useless via erasing, overwriting or wiping, however the only fail safe way to know that the data is totally destroyed is via physically destroying the hardware.
  • Computers can’t always be trusted. Apple Mac’s “Secure Empty Trash” function has been removed because it can’t be sure the data is actually gone. Additionally, with Flash Translation Layer programs found on computers, it means an operating system doesn’t physically know where the data is, however, it doesn’t mean that that data doesn’t exist and can be found with superior technology. Only an SSD secure erase can ensure the data is completely wiped.
  • Peace of mind. Manually destroying an SSD drive provides a guaranteed way to completely erase SSD drives making them unusable and the data unrecoverable (and trust us it’s also a good stress reliever!) People are also less likely to recover a physically damaged drive.
  • Data management. As data becomes obsolete it passes through the data management process until it needs to be erased. 
  • Data protection. By working in regulated industries e.g. health care or finance means you are often privy to private data and this data can only be protected once no longer needed via an SSD secure erase.  
  • Legal protection. There are many concerns and legal issues surrounding data protection and by using a professional external company to erase SSD drives enables you to provide evidence to protect you against claims of data mishandling (especially when drives are physically destroyed).

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