Calibration of a degausser is vitally important if confirmation of its performance is to be assured, as with all electronic devices, the performance of a degausser can vary over its extended use. The LG series of degaussers, available exclusively from VS Security Products, offers self-calibration which means that unlike other degaussers, they can deliver 100% assured erasure without costly regular calibration procedures.

What Does Self-Calibration mean?

Automatic self calibration means, during each and every degauss cycle the unit monitors all the major functions including, most importantly, the magnetic gauss field. The report log shows the level of the magnetic gauss field for each cycle and if the gauss field falls below the specified level for any reason, the report log show a failed degauss operation. With this advanced, failsafe feature, complete erasure can be assured time after time, removing the need for regular calibration.

Self-calibration is particularly useful in high security applications (e.g. government, law enforcement, and security and data protection) when absolute erasure of data from hard drives and back-up tapes is a requirement. 

The following VS Security Products degausser have self-calibrating facility:

* DataGauss LG

* DataGauss XL LG

* DataGone LG

* SDD Master LG

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