ERASE then DESTROY hard drives & other data storage devices/media with the Degauss & Destroy Bundle from VS Security Products.

Whilst not a requirement by the NSA, many security and government organisations now recommend that storage media such as hard drives and back-up tapes are physically destroyed after degaussing.  Physically destroying media, provides tangible evidence that it has been destroyed, providing an additional level of security and further peace of mind.
      Step 1: Erase 100% of data from hard drives/media using the degausser
      Step 2: Physically destroy media using the Crunch 250 destroyer 

Degauss and Destroy Bundle includes:

  • DataGauss XL  - automatic hard drive and backup tape degausser
  • Crunch 250 - Hard drive and solid state drive destroyer
  • Data Destruction Auditor - provides detailed reports & full audit trail of media erasure & destruction
  • FREE Bar Code Scanner

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