France is taking a proactive role in strengthening its cybersecurity cooperation with India, signing a new agreement to combat cybercrime to protect its citizens and business sectors. 

Over the past year since GDPR was introduced in the European Union, France has been keen to work with international partners on data rights and data security as a whole. 

AI, 5G and digital commerce were among the key topics at a summit in New Delhi between France and India in October, attended by France’s National Cybersecurity Agency along with 130 delegates from both countries. 

As technology starts to become a bigger part of our lives, France and India have been looking at ways in making sure data transference between states is safe, and that the laws which govern people’s data, are replicated between friendly nations. This goes without saying that people’s individual rights as data subjects is becoming a key topic of discussion, particularly as there remain considerable cybercrime threats for citizens around the world. 

Companies and governments have also been seeking ways to improve data architecture, data security and network security as a whole in their discussions, keeping in mind the ever evolving landscape, and how data is being used, stored and processed in different countries - often by multinationals, but increasingly by small businesses and tech startups. 

At the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai back in October, multinational companies gathered to display the latest innovations in tech, including advancements in AI and IoT devices - laying the foundation for a new era of technological innovation and inter-connected systems where digital citizen rights will take centre stage.  

Verity Systems, a manufacturer providing data security solutions for governments, businesses and medical institutions, has been working behind-the-scenes to develop new tools that can securely erase data records from different types of media. And with the evolving data landscape, legacy network systems and hard drives are being retired with a stronger emphasis being placed on secure data erasure of personal information that is no longer in use. 

With the risks associated in improperly handling data disposal, and the very nature of data rights and people’s personal information, businesses and governments are taking note of the evolving landscape of technology, and how to deal with the careful disposal of older systems which will be made redundant by newer innovations and technological breakthroughs. 

In our ever evolving digital landscape, we are only seeing the beginning of what will be a transformation of the digital ecosystem we see today, and when it becomes more closely integrated, across borders, digital citizen rights will be a key priority for countries moving forward. 

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